5 Best Traditional Dresses For Every Girl Must Have in 2021

Ethnic wear covers all the different traditional Indian categories of attires that are worn by Indian women. There are different types of ethnic wear like sarees, salwar kameez, Kurtis, and lehenga choli worn by women. Meanwhile, in recent times ethnic wear accepted by new-age groups.

Modern designers also made stylish changes to ethnic wear so that younger ones get more attracted to the stylish ethnic wear patterns.

So here are the ethnic essentials that every girl must include in her wardrobe.

Essentially ethnic wear for every girl.

This list of must-have traditional dresses includes:

Anarkali Suit :

The origin of Anarkali suits dates back to the Mughal Era. These suits are name after Anarkali (which means pomegranate blossom).
A famous courtesan of the Great Emperor Akbar’s court. She was known for her great beauty and pomegranate like complexion.

Long flowy Anarkali suits can make any woman look regal, royal, and beautiful. An Anarkali suit is a combination of a long flowing kurta and tightly fitted churidar (leggings) with sheer chunni or stole completing the look. The kurta is fitted on the bust and normally features large pleats flowing around the legs like an umbrella.

Nowadays Anarkali dress dominates the fashion industry. It is a perfect balance for the fashion world of tradition and modernity

They are also made from modest fabrics of cotton that are suitable for everyday use. The best Anarkali suits online buy at Varietybazar

Sari :

The word “SARI” means “strip of cloth” in Sanskrit. But for the Indian women—and a few men—who have been wrapping themselves in silk, cotton, or linen for millennia, these swaths of fabric are more than just simple garments. They’re symbols of national pride, ambassadors for traditional (and cutting-edge) design and craftsmanship, and a prime example of the rich differences in India’s 29 states.

Women traditionally wear various types of regional handloom saris made of silk, cotton, ikkat, block-print, embroidery and tie-dye textiles. Most sought after brocade silk sarees are Banarasi, Kanchipuram, Gadwal, Paithani, Mysore, Uppada, Bagalpuri, Balchuri, Maheshwari, Chanderi, Mekhela, Ghicha, Narayan pet and Eri etc.

Lehenga Choli :

Indian Lehenga choli contains traveled a large way on the royal mandement of Mughal Business to a favorite dress regarding Indian women for all types for ceremonial occasions.

The lehenga choli is the favorite female apparel worn during festivals, weddings or special events in India. For instance this is due to traditions as well as of the fact that it is available in a number of fabrics with many different decorative choices.

Designer Dupatta :

It has many names… Dupatta, Chunni, Chunari, Odhni.is today revelling in its free-flowing nature. Likewise It’s no longer just a protective clothing for women but has emerged as a formula-defying fabric with designers experimenting with its color, width, length, shape and structure.

  Innovative draping styles have made the dupatta move away from its strong Indian roots to be a part of West-inspired modern outline.

In this style-driven world you no longer need to play safe with Dupattas!

Palazzo Suit :

We all are familiar with designer palazzo pants, they are a recurring fashion. Their fashion has occurred in the past decades, where they had been a big hit with fashion lovers. So, Palazzo pants are long women’s long trousers pants cut with a loose and extremely wide leg that blaze out from the knee.

In conclusion Nowadays Indian women are wearing this trendy bottom wear pairing it with the ethnic kurtis which recreates a comfy and elegant.

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